Syrian Salvation Government: Turkey is the First Victim of Massacres Committed by Russia and the Regime in Idlib

Anastasia Pr | 13 June, 2018

The Syrian Salvation Government, an alternative government of the Syrian opposition based in Idlib, claimed on Tuesday that Turkey was the victim of massacres committed by Russia and the Assad regime in Idlib province.

The government said in a statement: "Any new displacement due to the massacres committed daily by the Russian occupation and the Assad regime will cause a humanitarian crisis, especially for Turkey, which bears the brunt of the consequences of this displacement."

They further added: “We call upon the Turkish leadership to rise up to its responsibility to protect civilians, especially as the Syrian people hoped that the spread out monitoring posts deployed in the liberated north would protect them from the oppression of the criminal regime. The Arab world and international community have been both silent and indifferent in regards to the massacres committed against our people in liberated areas.. This has been worsened by international efforts to protect the Assad regime and its crimes.”

The Syrian Salvation Government called on all military leaders and revolutionary actors to assume their responsibilities and take “decisive positions on the outcome of the Syrian revolution”.

More than 45 civilians were killed and 80 injured in Russian air strikes [recently] conducted on the town of Zardana, north of Idlib, according to figures provided by the Syrian Civil Defence forces in Idlib province.


Translated By: Anastasia Pr