Safe Zone or Zones of Influence ?!

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 1 February, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia:

Trump's Surprise

US President Donald Trump opened the New US Presidential Testament emphasising on his intention to establish safe zones in Syria in conjunction with problematic decisions provoked uproar around the world, particularly the Islamic countries to prevent seven nationalities’ holders including Syria from entering the United States.

Trump also looming expulsion of refugees who entered US and responding to the question: “Where would they go? Would you make safe zone in their country?” He said: “We would definitely make safe zone there.”

Trump’s answer seemed just such as a justification for the expulsion of the Syrians, but it met with a large scale reaction around the world, and it was remarkable that the Russian Kremlin took these statements seriously; but it denounced the declaration, warning that such a step would lead to consequences that would aggravate the situation of refugees, and called for Trump to rebuild thinking about the subject.

International Interests

As for Turkey, which has very bad relationship with USA to maximum temperatures under former President "Obama" has said it is waiting to see, and said that it called for such a move so long time ago, while Qatar welcomed the decision emphasizing the need to protect civilians, and the delegate of France to the United Nations express his country's readiness to discuss the US proposal on the establishment of safe zones in Syria and said that France is open to the idea, and this will be discussed with the administration of US President "Donald Trump."

White House stressed that no concrete steps so far to establish those areas, but "Reuters"reported it had seen a report in which Trump issued directives in this regard, and called on the concerned authorities to prepare a plan for his proposal in 90 days.

Islaeli Leaks

No official sources revealed any information about those areas, however, the Israeli "Deepak" specialist website in publishing leaks posted an intelligence map of four safe areas, saying that according to the resolution Iran and Shiite militias loyal to the Hezbollah are also to leave Syria, and the United States Army will control of two of the safe zones in Syria, two in northern Syria on the border with Iraq, and all the east of the Euphrates River, including the Kurdish-majority areas.

Deepak web site said: It was at the end of 2016 an influence distribution agreement had been reached by Presidents Obama and Putin to share areas in Syria so that the eastern regions of the Euphrates River to be an American sphere of influence, and all the areas at the beach of the Mediterranean Sea to be a Russian sphere of influence.

The Turkish region extends along the joint between Turkey and Syria border portion, and at a depth of between 35 to 50 kilometers inside Syria, up to al-Bab city; where FSA factions are fighting supported by Turkish forces under the operation of the Euphrates Shield, and military and intelligence sources said to Deepak that the largest changes for Israel, would be in building a US security zone No. 2 in southern Syria, along the border line between Israel and Jordan with Syria.

The two presidents Trump and Putin also confirmed agreeing that Iran's military forces will be withdrawn from Syria, and Hezbollah militia will be forced to return to Lebanon, and if this really happened it would mean cutting the influence of Iran and Hezbollah in the Middle East and return to their normal size.

"Reuters" reported that the US-led international coalition against IS group provided the "Syrian Democratic Forces" that has YPG militias as a main faction with military vehicles, including armored vehicles for the first time; reflecting fears about those areas controlled by the YPG militia.

Russian Presedures

On the other hand, Russia deploys additional military-police in the Syrian capital of Damascus after Aleppo, Russia has tightened its grip on extended space between the political capital and economic-industrial capital of Syria and the west to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Turkey, however, managed to drive a wedge between the influence area of YPG between the eastern and western Mediterranean regions, and managed to keep the risk of those militias away from its borders, and Turkish sources says it is ready to pull out IS group of al-Bab strategic city in eastern rural Aleppo, in the operation of the " Euphrates Shield" whereas the al-Assad's forces are trying to seize control over the city.

Trump’s current remarks remain just sayings have no clear landmarks yet, especially in light of the existence of the very complicated international knots and interests which meet in Syria, and most important of those strands of American-Russian relations especially in the era of Trump, and French enthusiasm for a pro military action against Assad's forces with a European feeling of exclusion by US from Syria and the Middle East in general, and the options that could be taken by Turkey with economic and military drain and the deterioration of relations with traditional allies in NATO.