An Official of Syrian regime has escaped .. Why?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 8 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

An official in the Syrian regime's government fled with the help of some prominent officials and officials outside Syria, less than a month after a trial decree to remove her from her post, after a request to be investigated.

The deputy of former Health Minister "Huda al-Sayyid" has preceded the investigation into the cases of buying corrupt drug, and fled outside Syria through Damascus International Airport, the newspaper "New Arab" quoted well-informed sources.

The Ministry of Health in the Syrian regime last month raised the prices of about 1475 pharmaceutical products, ranging from 100% as medicines to antibiotics and 600%, such as psychotropic drugs and epilepsy drugs, less than a month after raising the prices of about 500 pharmaceutical products up to more than 100% .

Proponents of the regime accused some of the officials involved in the theft of the former official, of being behind the smuggling operation, confirming that she departed from the Damascus International Airport, although she is wanted.

The pharmaceutical industry is a source of funding for Syrian regime militias

Since the beginning of the revolution until the beginning of 2017, the Syrian pharmaceutical industries have lost more than 56 pharmaceutical factories, some of which have been destroyed, some, and some of which have been closed by their owners.

The pharmacist in the city of Damascus, "Abbas", an expert in a pharmaceutical factory, said that the recent period has been heavily dependent on officials of the armed militias of the Syrian regime on the trade and manufacture of medicines to finance themselves, noting that the regime did not grant licenses to traders close to it those fund the militias.

Abbas pointed out that the profits of the manufacture and trade of medicines range from a minimum of 100-130%, which means that they are an attractive source of income for both the militias and the Syrian regime together.

Medical statistics indicate that more than 3,000 pharmacies have been destroyed over the last six years, and more than 5,000 pharmacists have left Syria.




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