Numbers of Syrian refugees departing Jordan are increasing

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 15 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:
Jordanian sources spoke about a growing exodus of Syrian refugees in Jordan, some of them are returning  to Syria, others went to Turkey, because of the"tough actions and decisions issued by the World Food Programme."

Al-Zaatari camp management in the Jordanian Mafraq Governorate stressed that the returning requests by Syrian refugees are increasing remarkably in the recent period, sources in the administration talked about "70 to 100 applications werereceived by the administration daily by the refugees in the camp".Another source also confirmed that "there are large numbers of Syrian refugees leave Jordan towards Turkey recently, and that" the Turkish aviation is being used in larger trips between Amman and Istanbul fight. "
While the first source attributed the requests back to the "procedures and the difficult decisions issued by the World Food Programme to stop the food vouchers providing for Syrian refugees, due to funding shortfall outside the refugee camps," Refugees attributed these requests to "the power cut by the Commissioner from the camp throughout the day hours, and the desire to push a number of Syrian refugees to go to European countries, after the recent announcing about opening its doors to Syrian refugees. "
The source added, in a statement for "al-Ghad",that "the official Syrian refugees in Jordan camps are witnessing  about a month since an increase in the number of refugees who go to Turkey, and who report the UN organizations working with them, that they intend to leave the camp because of their desire to travel to Turkey."
Jordan is one of the Syrian neighboring countries, which includes millions of Syrian refugees, which is the second country after Turkey in terms of the number of refugees, in addition to Iraqis, Palestinians, Yemenis, what a burden down the Jordanian economy.