Hezbollah Comments on Reported Killing of Iranian Advisers in Hama Air Base Explosions

Alexander Falconer | 21 May, 2018

The Lebanese Hezbollah militia issued comments on Sunday regarding reports of the killing of Iranian advisers in explosions at the Hama military air base. 

A military source in the militia - according to the Facebook page of the news outlet War Media - said that "the news regarding the killing of several Iranian advisers is not true".

The outlet added that "there are no military advisers at the Hama air base", and claimed that "there are currently no Iranian or non-Iranian military personnel in the site".

Activists in Syria had reported on Friday 18 May that over 40 dead bodies and over 70 injured people had been transported to Hama's regional hospital after reports of explosions at the air base. 

A new faction calling itself Saraya al-Jihad claimed responsibility for an explosives attack against the Hama facility. The group's statement claimed that an operation had been carried out behind enemy lines, in which kerosene and missile stores had been blown up, killing 50 Syrian Army soldiers. 

Hama air base - which overlooks several of the city's western neighbourhoods - is one of the best-known military facilities belonging to the Syrian regime in the country's central and northern regions. 

Translated By: Alexander Falconer