Car Bomb Hits Assad's Forces in Homs ... And Rocket Fire Hits Suweida

Alexander Falconer | 22 May, 2018

An ISIS car bomb attack on Tuesday 22 May struck a group of Syrian government soldiers in eastern Homs Governorate, while a rocket fired by unidentified attackers fell in a regime-held area in Suweida. 

The pro-government Homs News Network outlet reported on its Facebook page that seven Syrian Army soldiers had been killed in the car bomb attack, which was carried out by ISIS fighters around the T3 fuel-pumping station near the Sadd Awirad desert in eastern Homs. 

Activists meanwhile reported that 26 Syrian soldiers and Iranian militiamen had been killed in an ambush by ISIS fighters in the same area after a successful infiltration operation. 

Activists said that "the ISIS fighters launched an attack after detonating a car bomb against a group of Syrian Army troops, and then clashes broke out between the two sides". The sources added that the fighters had infiltrated a government-held area of land east of the town of Palmyra. 

Meanwhile a rocket struck a piece of agricultural land between the villages of Shaqa and al-Janina in a regime-held part of Suweida Governorate. There were no reports of deaths of injuries. 

The Syrian government has not commented on the car bomb incidents. Pro-government sources claimed that the rocket landed in the area in Suweida by accident, saying that it had been aimed at another location. 

Suweida Governorate has been targeted by a number of Israeli airstrikes over the last few weeks. Among the most prominent incidents was a strike against the Khalkhala air base; the damage and losses from the attack remain unconfirmed.


Translated By: Alexander Falconer