The al-Ghouta battles make the al-Assad forces collapsed and confused

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 15 September, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:
Violent clashes broke out on Tuesday between Assad militia elements in the town of Yabrud in Rif-Dimashq province, in the backdrop of their refusal to go to the eastern Ghouta fronts.
The "co-ordinating the Tal-Hadath " said that violent clashes took place between Colonel Madyan forces, which consists of about 300 elements and 20 military vehicles and followed the  Assad army, and the Baath Brigades and national defense in the city of Yabrud, as the last refused to go to the fronts of the Eastern Ghouta, after the Army of Islam advanced and killed  20 of Assad regime elements in confrontations near the suburb of al-Assad a few days ago, in the battle of "Allah Ghalip."
The same source pointed out that there are reports about arresting the leaders of the Baath and the National Defense Brigades in the city, on the background of the confrontations.
For its part, "the General Authority of the city of Yabrud" said that more than 20 bodies of the elements of national defense arrived yesterday to the Yabrud hospital, were killed during fighting in the Eastern Ghouta, as other numbers of the dead and wounded were transferred to the Nabek hospital.
The "Army of Islam" since last Tuesday announced the start of the  "Allah Ghalip" battle, which enable them to liberate about 25 military areas and barracks in the Eastern Ghouta Rif-Dimashq province, killing and wounding dozens of Assad's forces.