Important Developments For Syrian Workers in Turkey

Alexander Falconer | 12 May, 2018

The Turkish Minister for Labour and Social Security, Giulida Seri Aroglu, said during a conference in Istanbul on Friday 12 May that important developments were to take place for Syrian workers in Turkey.

Aroglu said in her speech, which was quoted by the website Turkey Post, that her ministry was currently working hard on integrating the Syrian refugee workforce into Turkey's labour market.

The conference at which the minister made her remarks was titled "Integrating temporarily displaced Syrians into the labour market: Challenges and opportunities".

The EU envoy to Turkey, Christian Berger, said that "the issue of integration is a win-win idea - if Syrian refugees are well-integrated into Turkey, this will increase the competitiveness of the country's companies".

Berger added that "The Syrian refugees which are temporarily being housed in Turkey have different skill-sets and are able to offer contributions to Turkish society". He said that success integration would protect Syrians from poverty and social marginalisation.

The representative for the UN High Commission for Refugees in Turkey, Katharina Lumpp, said that Turkey was the country housing more displaced people than any other in the world. She added that 93% of refugees in Turkey were living in towns or country areas outside displaced persons' camps, and most were old enough to work. 

Turkey has a large amount of experience in dealing with refugees, and has provided work opportunities for Syrians by granting them employment permits. The government has taken steps toward integration in order to enable refugees to meet their own basic needs, and is preparing to find further solutions for different dimensions of refugee welfare.

Turkey's Ministry for Labour and Social Security announced that Syrians became Turkey's most numerous foreign workers during the year 2017. Last year the ministry granted 87,000 work permits to foreigners, with 24% of these going to Syrians.

Translated By: Alexander Falconer