A War of Assassinations Breaks Out Among Assad`s Forces in Deir Ezzor

Alexander Falconer | 5 May, 2018

A Syrian regime soldier on Friday May 4 killed a prominent commander in the Syrian Army's 4th Division in Deir Ezzor over a dispute regarding alleged thefts and "slander".

The Euphrates Post network reported that a member of the military security forces affiliated to the Syrian government opened fire on a colleague officer name Malik Fathi al-Qanas, who is known by the name "Abu al-Dawla". Abu al-Dawla was a member of the 4th Division in the al-Joura neighborhood in Deir Ezzor town; the shooting led to his immediate death, as well as the death of a civilian and other people being injured. 

Euphrates Post quoted two eye witnesses who said that the incident occurred following scuffles and verbal disputes between two groups in the neighborhood, which had resulted from thefts allegedly committed against the town's civilian homes.

Prior to this, Abu al-Dawla had been gathering locals from the area and conscripting them into the 4th Division. The recruits were then transported in trucks each day to different neighborhoods, and had to oversee the theft of iron, copper, and aluminium from commercial premises and civilian houses in the conflict-ruined town. The metal materials which were stolen by the 4th Division in Deir Ezzor were then being sold on to factories and plants in Aleppo city.  

Translated By: Alexander Falconer