International Coalition Airstrike Kills 30 Civilians in Hasaka, Including Woman and Children

Alexander Falconer | 2 May, 2018

Thirty civilians died and dozens more were injured on Tuesday in an airstrike by an international coalition jet which had attempted to target ISIS fighters in southern Hasaka Governorate.

According to local sources in Hasaka, the airstrikes were launched at dawn on Tuesday against al-Qasr village, close to Tel al-Jayir municipality in al-Shadadi town, which is under ISIS control. 

The airstrike directly hit a gathering of civilians at the al-Sheikh fuel station, where one of the largest settlements of displaced people from Deir Ezzor and Iraq in the area is located. 

Eyewitnesses said that the bodies of the dead were badly disfigured as a result of being burned by the strike, and were buried in a mass grave in Tel al-Jayir. 

ISIS controls a small pocket in the south of al-Hasaka Governorate, near the Syria-Iraq border, which has been subject to ongoing bombardment by coalition airstrikes. 

Translated By: Alexander Falconer