The US-Led International Coalition warns Assad forces in the Syrian desert

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 28 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

US and British forces stationed at the Al-Tanf crossing point on the Syrian-Iraqi border have issued warnings to the Assad forces and the Iraqi militias supporting them in order not to conduct any new military operations in the Syrian Badia.

ElDorar’s correspondent confirmed that the American and British forces fighting under the name of the international coalition issued warnings in the form of paper leaflets dropped in the regions of the Assad forces, saying: "The Syrian regime trrops and allied militias to evacuate those points," These warnings come after the advance of Iraqi militias on the area " "East of the Sabe’ Biar area and Al-Shahmi cafe area following the retreat of the Free Syrian Army forces as a result of heavy air raids.

The correspondent also said that the coalition also launched yesterday several warnings through wireless networks; also called on the Assad forces not to conduct any military operations, considering that any attempt to the Assad forces will be a hindrance to the operations of the coalition in the region.

On May 19, US warplanes bombarded sites belonging to the Syrian regime and its loyal militia in the Zarqa area near the al-Tanf base after trying to reach al-Tanf, the goal declared upon explicitly by the regime as a priority..




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