Assad's forces on the outskirts of Maskana and fear of reprisals against civilians

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 28 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The front lines of the eastern countryside of Aleppo, especially the outskirts of the town of Maskana, have been witnessing violent confrontations between the Assad forces and the Iran-backed militias against IS organization, which is trying to maintain its areas that began to decline.

IS organization began to withdraw during the past two days from several villages and towns after the intensification of bombing and the entry of Russian aviation directly in the air operations, which led to the fall of most of the lines of defense established by the organization, field sources confirmed.

The sources pointed out that the organization withdrew during the past few hours from the villages of Hamidiya and 11 villages north and west sides of Maskana.

The sources considered that in the coming days, IS organization will not be able to maintain Maskana for two reasons, the first is the rapid collapse of most of the lines of defense and defense arsenal and the large losses they got, human and material "equipment and weapons."

The city of Maskana, the last strongholds of the organization in the countryside of Aleppo, especially after the defeats incurred during the past months and withdrawals before the Assad forces, which raised the fear of civilians from the entry of the Assad forces to manslaughter and reprisals against them, especially that the city had also risen against Syrian regime in 2012.

The city - which still has thousands of civilians - has been subjected to many massacres, where nearly 70 people were documented, including women and children killed since the beginning of this month so far..




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