New Deaths of Hezbollah militia in #Syria

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 13 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Lebanese media sources close to Hezbollah admitted the killing of two members of the militia, one of them a high-ranking leader in the recent battles erupted in Homs countryside of Syria.

The militants were killed in an ambush conducted by IS organization against Hezbollah militants and leaders of the national defense militia in the mountains of Shomria in the eastern countryside of Homs; where the killing of each of the leader of the party ,Ali Muhammad Beaz and Hussein Sami Rashid, in addition to the leader of the National Defense Mahmoud Wanous, the sources added.

Talila Nature Reserve’s vicinity, eastern Palmyra has seen repeated attacks by the Assad regime’s forces on the organization's defense lines in the region but they all failed, 14 troops were killed and a tank and a machine gun were destroyed as well as 25 militants supporting the Syrian regime were killed.

It is noteworthy that the battles in the countryside of Homs and Palmyra led to the killing of many civilians of indiscriminate bombing; where the forces of Assad perpetrated a massacre claiming the lives of nine people were killed in the shelling of the town of Lattoum in rural Palmyra two days ago.



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