Jaish al-Naser: We are Not Involved in the "De-escalation Zones" agreement and preparing to attack strategic areas

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 12 May, 2017
"Mohammad Raadoun" Director of Public Relations in Jaish al-Naser

ElDorar AlShamia:

Mohammed Raadoun, FSA- affiliate Jaish al-Naser public relations director said they are not involved in the Astana 4- agreement and are not committed to the escalation easing signed by Russia, Iran and Turkey because the Syrian regime and its allies have not met their obligations."

Raadoon denied in an interview with ElDorar network that his faction to have any representation at the conference in Astana -4, explaining the agenda of the conference and its program are not clear, noting that they were clear at the conferences of Astana (1-2-3) a comprehensive cease-fire on all Syrian territory, not limited to specific areas.

He pointed out that there were signs that the "escalation reduction" agreement could not resume because the Syrian regime did not abide by it completely in the countryside of Hama, and the guarantors themselves are its own allies who carry out the attacks on the Syrian people. The killers can not be considered guarantors, Raadoun added, saying that the regime’s" Foreign Minister ,Walid al-Moallem's remarks about the success of the reconciliations as their own choice as the best option, undermine all agreements and political efforts, in addition to continuing forced displacement from the vicinity of the capital. sponsored by Russia.

Raadoun stressed that they would confront the Russian and Iranian forces if they tried to enter the areas covered by the de-escalation zones agrrement as observing forces, stressing that the Russians and Iranian troops are invading and occupying forces of the Syrian territory and can not be accepted as guarantors and will be resisted with the available force.

"The Syrian regime and its allies felt the danger after the arrival of the Free Syrian Army and the other revolutionary factions to the outskirts of Hama; they were only 4 km from the military airport, which led them to bring large forces," Ra'adoun said, but the regime used the policy of scorched earth to recognize the seriousness of the situation, and to prevent the rebels from connecting the northern Homs countryside with the southern Hama countryside with the city, in light of the simplicity of the equipment the rebels have and their modest potential.

Raadoun said that the ranks are being rearranged to launch new attacks aimed at controlling new strategic positions in Hama governorate.

He predicted that it is very close the announcement of a general operations room comprising the factions of the Free Syrian Army in the north and center of Syria, and stressed that the reason for such establishment is to unify the efforts of the factions, and to invest the full experience and potential and existing competencies.



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