For What the Syrian regime allows trucks to enter the Eastern Ghouta?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 9 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

On Monday, the Syrian regime allowed a number of trucks loaded with goods to enter the eastern Ghouta in the Damascus countryside through the crossing of “al-Wafdin” after a closure of nearly 50 days.

Only six trucks entered Ghouta area today loaded with goods, mostly food belonging to the merchants of the region, after long negotiations between traders and regime’s security officials in order to allow them to enter, according to ElDorar’s correspondent in Ghouta area.

The correspondent pointed out that the regime conducted an auction between traders to determine the royalties to be paid for each kilogram of materials entering the Ghouta, it was agreed to pay 535 Syrian pounds per kilogram "without specifying the type of material."

ElDorar’s correspondent noted that the quantity of goods entering is not enough for the market’s need, nor will it reduce the prices of materials, which are rare in Gouta as a result of the blockade;

The Syrian regime had closed the al-Wafdin crossing near the city of Douma on 21 March, which is the last crossing in the eastern Ghouta after the outbreak of fighting in the district of Jobar in Damascuse between the forces of Assad and the revolutionary factions.

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