The murderer of " Salahuddin Uzbek" reveals the assassination’s administrator

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 1 May, 2017
Jaber al-Uzbek is the executor of the assassination

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Executive Force in the city of Aiha in rural Idlib arrested the suspect in the assassination of the commander of the battalion, "Imam Bukhari" operating in the north of Syria, "Salahuddin Uzbek." two days ago.

Special sources in the movement of Ahrar Al Sham conifrmed to ElDorar network that the Executive Force handed over the suspect to the security office in the movement "Jaber Uzbek" to be investigated, where he revealed that he received orders to assassinate " Salahuddin" of a cell belonging to the IS group and located in Khorasan North-west of Afghanistan.

The sources explained that "Jaber" used to work within the battalion, "Imam al-Bukhari" and carried out the assassination inside a mosque in which " Salahuddin" and two of his companions and and a media man passed away, where he targeted them using a Kalashnikov machine gun shotting 13 bullets.

Salahuddin, from Uzbekistan, studied Islamic law at Madinah University and fought in Afghanistan for several years against the Soviet Union. He came to Syria in late 2012 and formed a battalion that worked in coordination with Ahrar al-Sham and was famous for fighting the extremist  ideology of IS group."