Syrians stuck the Algerian- Moroccan borderline seeking to resolve their situation

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 28 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Syrians stranded on the Algerian-Moroccan borders have appealed to the authorities of the two countries to intervene to save the lives of 51 people, including pregnant women and children, after being expelled from Algeria and rejected by Morocco.

"We have been trapped for 10 days, we are totally collapsed as men, women and children, and we find no drink of water in this desert. This situation is not a solution. The Algerian and Moroccan armies are preventing us from crossing, and we will die in this desert," Anadolu news agency quoted a stranded person.

He added that the Syrians besieged in the Algerian-Moroccan borders currently are divided into two groups. The group with the Zuzwana Valley are 41 people, while the second group in the region includes 10 people.

A Moroccan political activist revealed that the people of Fijig have their own way of delivering food, clothing and some medicines, despite the presence of Syrian refugees in a military area, which prevents entry.

"We are in contact with the Syrian groups by telephone, we bring them what they need, and we strive to bring aid to them whenever we have the opportunity, but in a way that does not threaten their safety," the activist said.

The Syrian refugees are located in the desert region of Fijin, which lies between the towns of Beni (Algeria) and Fijayj (Morocan), which is considered as a buffer zone, not normally entered by any party.

The Moroccan Interior Ministry issued a statement last week on the case, accusing Algeria of "besieging Syrian migrants in inhumane conditions" near the border between the two countries, and called on it to "charge its political and moral responsibility to the situation of the displaced Syrians coming from Algeria, as the later’s Foreign Ministry called on Morocco not to trade the tragedy of the Syrian refugees.

The Syrians are still stranded in the desert on the border in inhumane conditions, while the two countries continue to refuse any measures or solutions to their situation.