A Militant of Hezbollah reveals the true ties between his party and Iran in the Syrian war

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 20 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

A Lebanese Hezbollah guerrilla’s fighter revealed for the first time the reality of the Iranian army and Revolutionary Guard soldiers, stressing that they are racist and superior for others.

Hezbollah, along with members of the Iranian army and the Revolutionary Guards have been involved in defending Bashar Assad's regime since 2013, killing and forcing the Syrian people to displace. Thousands of the party’s militants have been killed in battles against the rebel factions of Syria.

Battle Masters

“The Iranian army and the Revolutionary Guard’s fighters acting as if they re the masters of the battle, as if Hezbollah were a private company operating under their administration.", the militant dded.

He explained that the relationship between the party and the leadership in Iran "is a hierarchical-relationship is ordered by the presidency not as it seems to be as a relationship of mutual interests, between the party and Iran there is no exchange of interests."

The fighter summed up the relationship between the party and the leadership in Iran as "orders that must be implemented to achieve a general plan that serves Iran and serves the party automatically, given the strengthening of Iran's position in the region with every single victory."

Bad Abuse

He pointed out that the party's militants complain after "reaching Iran's negative attitude with us, advanced stage, up to the threat of our lives; the Iranian military deals with recklessness in military positions, and does not comply with the orders of the leader of the Lebanese group."

"Many times we were exposed to the detection of our positions and to fire as a result of leaving an Iranian fighter his own position and take an individual decision to penetrate more in an area we did not know how safe it is, the militant added.

“The Iranian soldier does not respect even the Lebanese officer, and there are a number of officers raised many complaints to the leadership, as a result of the Iranians’s behaviors, but the response was not as responsibile as it is excpected" .