Lebanon breaks sanctions on the Syrian regime providing Diesel secretly

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 2 April, 2017


ElDorar AlShamia:

Convoys of tanks belonging to the Syrian regime crossed the coastal highway two months ago to the areas controlled by the Assad regime loading large quantities of fuel, Lebanese sources said on Sunday.

In February last year, the Syrian Ministry of Economy allowed the Damascus and Rif Dimashq  Chamber of Commerce and Industry  to import "diesel" from Lebanon, as an urgent solution to the needs of industrialists because Lebanon is so close to Damascus.

Regular transport

The sources in the oil sector in Lebanon - preferring not to mention their names said- that "tanks fill fuel oil from a number of companies that import fuel to Lebanon have transferred tanks regularly for two months to Syria" according to the newspaper of "Al-Nahar."

The sources pointed out that "since the beginning of the fuel crisis in Damascus and its countryside, the Syrian regime resorted to the import of it from Lebanon to the Syrian interior, and pass through the crossing of “al-Arida” in the north legally and under the supervision of the Lebanese authorities.

For its part, the Lebanese government has not issued any comment on the decision of the Syrian regime’s government yet or the possibility of approving the re-export of "diesel", after stopping in 2015.

Fuel crisis

The Syrian capital Damascus and some of the provinces have been suffering from a severe fuel crisis for several months, with promises made by the Assad regime to improve the crisis and reduce it in the near future. The losses of the direct and indirect oil sector reached about 65 billion dollars since 2011.

With Syria's oil production falling to around 3,000 barrels per day from about 385,000 barrels per day in March 2011, the country is experiencing its worst crisis, which needs about 6 million liters of diesel, 4 million liters of gasoline and 6,500 tons of fuel per day.

Iran has stopped supplying the Assad regime with oil derivatives, and since then the government of the Assad regime has been seeking to find other sources of fuel, especially the diesel dealing with Lebanon and the its companies that import the fuel.