Rockets fired from Sinai over Eilat in Israel, and a mortar fell in Golan

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 9 February, 2017

Eldorar Alshamia:

The Israeli army announced last night that several rockets were fired at the city of Eilat, south of occupied Palestine from the Egyptian Sinai, while a mortar fell on the occupied Golan Heights.

A spokesman for the occupation army said: The batch of rockets fired from southern Sinai region adjacent to the city of Eilat, explaining that four rockets were fired on the city, but the Iron Dome intercepted three of them, while the fourth landed in an open area.

The Israeli army carried IS responsible for launching of the rocket as the organization is active in different parts of the Sinai Peninsula.

For its part, the Hebrew Channel Ten reported that the siren heard throughout the city of Eilat, and that two hotels were evacuated immediately after hearing the explosions.

According to the Hebrew channel it was found on fragments of a missile in a the water pool in one of the city hotels, while the fourth was found in an open area near the city.

Later, 0404 Israeli news website reported that "panic occurred between the Israelis after the launch of missiles from Sinai to Eilat", transfered of four of them to the hospital.

In the same context, the newspaper "Yediot Ahronot" reported that the military is coordinating with the Egyptian side to hunt down the attacking cell in Sinai, and at this stage the army is not expected to attack the targets in Sinai in response to the rockets.

For its part, accounts for IS organization in Sinai through social media, adopted the attack on the Israeli city of Eilat, describing the rocket fire as "the start of the war with the Israeli enemy."

"State of Sinai" said in a statement: that the bombing of Eilat with rockets came "in response to Israeli aircraft support to the Egyptian army in bombing its positions in the Sinai."

On the other hand, a mortar shell  fired from Syrian territory early Thursday fell on the northern Golan, without leading to injuries or material damage, while the occupation army responded by bombing Assad's forces positions.

The Israeli army said in a statement that it "was able to monitor and struck a target in the northern Syrian Golan and confirmed a hit, in response to the fall of the Syrian mortar."

Mortar falling accidents on the occupied Golan Heights repeated over the past months from the Syrian side of the border because of the ongoing fighting there between the Syrian Revolution factions and the forces of Assad.