Race of Controlling al-Bab City

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 2 February, 2017


Unlike the fiery statements made by Turkish officials of the close control of al-Bab City, however, things on the ground indicate the opposite, since the start of the new year so far the pace of the battles waged by the Euphrates Shield decreased and stumbled so much in controlling the surrounding villages of the city and in making gains on the ground in return Syrian regime achieved rapid progress against IS southwest of the city with limited role of the Kurdish militias to support the forces of the regime.

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Turkish operation to control al-Bab city northern of Syria coming to an end


    Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kortolmos: the military operation that led his country to liberate the city of "al-Bab" east countryside of Aleppo in northern Syria to from Daesh organization "will be a success and will end in a short period

The Syrian regime is approaching al-Bab City

Syrian regime captured during the past two weeks, more than seventeen villages and towns south-western countryside to the city of al-Bab in military operations which was divided into two stages the first one witnessed a series of withdrawals for the organization of IS and the second witnessed violent backed battles of warplanes and helicopters on the one hand and by the Democratic Syria militias on the other hand, .

The regime on the twentieth of this month, was able to control seven villages which Berlhin, Shemer, Afrin, Abed, Wasfa, Mushayrifa, Rasm Alam and several small towns, all of which are located on both sides of Aleppo - al-Bab old road on the east side of the industrial city in Sheikh Najjar, that stage didn't witness any violent battles with IS as only it made a few skirmishes to secure its withdrawal.

Syrian regime continued its military operations there where brought in reinforcements from the al-Quds Brigade of the Palestinian militias and so-called "Tiger Force" began its second phase in progress, and took control of several villages notably Soran,large Serga al-Kabira, Deir Henta, al-Bureij, Tel Rahal, Kharbasha, and al-Husamia, this phas had been supported by a large ground and air by warplanes and support of rocket and artillery fire from the Democratic Syria militias, which launched rocket attacks on supply lines and organization sites stationed in Deir Dakkak, Shabliah, Alguz and Abutaltal.

With the continuation of the Syrian regime's progress and its try to reduce the distance with the al-Bab city which does not exceed five kilometers organization began to launch counter-attacks and the villages Aran and Touman had fierce battles during the past two days marked Er-and-run where the organization controlled on two villages in the evening and the regime recaptured in the morning.

Syrian regime progress raises the concern of the Free Syrian Army

The military operations of the Syrian regime against IS on the edge of al-Bab, which actually began in early 2017 in conjunction with the "ceasefire" between the regime and the opposition in the Pan Syria aroused the concern of FSA factions "Euphrates shield" about the possibility of continuation and al-Bab access and control.

Abu Faruq Sheikh Weis a leader in Failaq al-Sham said in a statement to "Eldorar Alshamia" that Assad's forces advance to the outskirts of al-Bab city raises concerns, which may result in a political shifts among international actors in the region, especially after "Trump" in America, but at the same time the FSA confirmed the readiness to engage in any battles that may be imposed on them if the regime continued its lead and become a direct contact with the control of the Euphrates shield areas.

"Alaa Hamadein" from the Political Bureau of the First Regiment believes that the objective of the military operations of the Syrian regime, which will be attended by the Democratic Union Party militia is not al-Bab city but is managed acts by Iran to provoke Russia and pressure, especially after the last post with the support of Turkish troops in northern Syria air of point of continuing disagreements between Tehran and Moscow on the other.

    Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russia's weapon and Turkish air for the first time carried out a joint operation against militants of IS in al-Bab in Aleppo countryside, in agreement with the Syrian regime.

A leader in Sultan Murad brigade, who preferred anonymity, expressed through Eldorar his fear of the Syrian regime progress in the region, pointing out that in spite of the great ability of the FSA in northern Syria means only that if the system is in direct contact with the shield of the Euphrates areas will create a new front and thus Protein content in a small geographical area compared to the rest of the FSA areas is fighting on three sides, a state organization and the forces of democratic Syria and the Syrian regime and its militia.

Anti-armor and population density slow down the progress of the Euphrates Shield

They were able to shield the Euphrates since the start of the new year from the control of the four regions only a town Ambasslanah north of the city and the years following chromium and the 511 east, and seized control of the day on the villages Alguz and Abu Alzendan south door and cut through Aleppo - international door, have failed to make any progress on the town Qabasin.

These processes are quite insignificant for the momentum of the fight in the previous months that have been achieved in a few weeks where he seized control of vast areas from the city Jarablos and passing through the town of Shepherd up to the perimeter of the door even glutinous City.

The military leader of Failaq al-Sham "Sheikh Weis" He attributed the slow pace in fighting the large volume of its fighters who are in the north and northwest of the city, "Qabasin and Bzaah" The ferocity of the battles there, especially after the establishment of the organization to erect many of the anti-armor missiles obtained in battles destroy pointing that every attempt carried out by the FSA for the advancement of losing a number of mechanisms and soldiers.

Conversely regarded leader in the Sultan Murad that the most important reasons for the decline and the pace of the battles in the region is asserting IS civilians, "making the people of the region as human shields by preventing them from leaving their villages,"

Eldorar got earlier assurances from the region say that the organization has published dozens of checkpoints on the city's exits and surrounding farms to prevent civilians from leaving the city and its villages and forcing hundreds of women and children to stay inside.

It is clear that the region is on the verge of political developments in the light of the insistence of the Syrian regime to continue its military operations south of the door and the desire to free the army to resolve the battle in his favor, making the two parties in the race may evolve into a direct clash in the coming days, and the US statements about the trend for the establishment of safe zones despite the lack of clarity meant to have changed after the reality on the ground in the case it began to implement its plan.

Map explaining the control areas north of Aleppo