What Happened in Ankara’s Meetings and What Factions Stipulated for a Cease-fire?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 28 December, 2016

By #ElDorar AlShamia Editor

A delegation of the Syrian military factions and a number of opposition figures finished up series of meetings in the capital Ankara with the Russian side, mediated by Turkey, during which Russia introduced a proposed cease-fire on condition that excludes Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (JFS) and IS Group as well as  the area of Eastern Ghouta in Rif Dimash Province, which caused the talks to be suspended because of the rejection of this proposal .

According to what was confirmed by "Osama Abu Zeid" a counselor for the Free Syrian Army who is familiar with the course of these meetings, the military factions and opposition delegation stipulated that the cease-fire should only exclude "the headquarters of IS group" in areas controlled by the organization, whereas they rejected the excluding of Fateh al-Sham truce, also and stipulated that the negotiations to be launched to reach a political solution within one month from the date of the cease-fire agreement and introducing humanitarian aid to the who;e besieged areas that each of Turkey and Russia to ensure the implementation of the agreement.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry considered today that a political transition in Syria it can not be reached as long as al-Assad is in power and that the Syrian opposition can never accept this, while the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman "Maria Zakharova" rejected the British talk about the need for the departure of al-Assad and considered that as a part of the past.

Several identified sources on Wednesday, most notably Labib Nahhas,chief of foreign political relations of Ahrar al-Sham, denied that the military factions to get a copy of the new Russian-Turkish cease-fire proposal in Syria, which means that data circulated on media talking about the approval of some factions to the proposal - is incorrect.

Faylaq al-Sham spokesman "Idris Ra’ed" confirmed to ElDorar network that the military factions did never get any new proposal for a cease-fire, noting that the whole meetings of factions in Ankara were consultative and decisions had been built upon yet, and expected the proposed cease-fire agreed by Turkey and Russia to be presented to the Syrian factions within the coming 48-hours.

"Osama Abu Zeid," warned that the circulating rumors about the approval of some factions on a ceasefire aimed to "test the waters" and to take actions based on the reactions of the Revolutionary street, denying that the meetings had discussed any matter or part related to the future of Syria, the political solution, the format or the place of the negotiations.

: Turkey and Russia agree on a proposal for a comprehensive cease-fire that will be presented to the parties of the crisis in #Syria

Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency quoted sources in the Turkish government that Ankara and Moscow have reached a proposal for a ceasefire in Syria and that both sides would present the proposal to the military factions and it could take effect as of the night of the 29th this month in in case it would approved , which paves the way for a dialogue between the Syrian parties in the Kazakh capital of Astana if the truce efforts succeed.

Views were divided on the Syrian street after those developments between considering the truce as a new attempt to buy time from the Russian side to make further progress on the ground and who welcomes such a proposal provided that to pave a way for serious negotiations concluding in selecting the features of the transitional phase, which will eventually lead to the departure of the al-Assad regime and all its symbols.