“Aleppo Battle’s new Tactics will Astonish al-Assad regime” Senior Leader of Soqur al-Sham says

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 31 October, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

Aleppo’s battles is in the fourth day in a row, where the battlefronts west of the city have seen renewed clashes between factions of the Syrian Resistance vs the al-Assad forces and the backed Iraqi and Lebanese militias as well as the Iranian officers.

The factions managed during the past few days to seize control of “Dahyat al-Assad” area adjunct  to the Military Academy and the village of “Menyan” overlooking  the Academy, in addition to several other points such as the cardboard plant, and the factions set the targets’ list with 3,000 apartments Halab al-Jadidah neighborhoods.

For more information about the facts of the battle in the field ,ElDorar AlShamia news network has made an interview with the prominent commander of "Zaher Darwish", known as Abu Hammam, the military affairs’ deputy commander of Soqur al-Sham brigades.

"Abu Hamam" said that the battle is going to be different from the previous ones and will surprise the al-Assad regime in terms of tactics of attack , preparation and the attacking axes that are attacking the regime’s forces, stressing that the battle has been preceded by careful monitoring the areas would be  attacked equipped by enough number of fighters and gear, to suit the length of the fighting time and the difficulty might face each axis. Abu Hammam asserted that it has been taken into account the reinforcements the regime may get from Hama province, and many of them have already been targeted on the “Khanasser” road and destroyed during the past two days.

"Abu Hamam" stressed that factions today fought the liberating battle against the Russian and Iranian occupations which will not stop at a city or an area, stressing that studies and plans are now ready to move to the next stages after breaking the blockade imposed on the besieged districts, and the battles of liberation can never stop, expressing at the same time that he must keep the battles’ details secret because such information is necessary to be confidential for more efficient military action.

As for the al-Assad forces’ role and the Lebanese militia of Hezbollah in the battle, Abu Hammam said: "The role of the al-Assad's forces and Hezbollah militia comes in the second place  where both of Iranians and Russians’ officers have the main role, and those militias carry out orders, and their losses increased significantly to reach more than 150 dead and wounded, as well as to dozens of the destroyed vehicles over the past three days, asking for reinforcements from Hama province, because of their losses. "

"Abu Hamam" denied that the current ongoing  battles have no any international or regional support by governments and states, pointing out that "all Muslims" give any available support, in addition to the factions’ capabilities and resources and ammunition that were gathered and mobilized for battles.

It should be noted that the Aleppo’s battles involving dozens of military factions, most notably the factions of “Jaysh al-Fateh” and the factions of “Fateh Halab” operations room, where these factions mobilized more than 6 thousand full-equipped fighters for the current attack.