Extensive Argument sweeping revolutionary circles after the announcement of the Conquest Army of Hama battle

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 17 October, 2015

Once the Conquest Army announced the start of the battle of " Hama Liberation" social networking sites caught up, and revolutionary circles split between supporters and opponents of that fight, and each team declares its own justifications and, for his opposition to and support for the new decision of  the Conquest  Army.
ElDorar AlShamia Network has spotted some situations prominent figures, and held meetings and dialogues with a number of them, and polled about the next battle.
A spokesman for the initiative “Wa Ea’tasimou”  Dr. Abdel Moneim Zinedine  suggested that ,efforts are focused on the liberalization of Hama Airport, as well as Mount Zine El Abidine overlooking it, and avoid the city at this time, pending the willingness to fully be prepared to manage it.

While Mr. Mujahid Deiranieh confirmed in an exclusive interview with the network of ElDorar, that if the meaning of the statement of the Conquest Army entry Hama city, this is a big strategic mistake, and puts the lives of two million people live at risk, and expressed his welcome to be a goal of the battle is the airport, or the mountain , and calling at the same time to go to Aleppo and release it of the regime attack and the IS’s as well.

The Saudi activist "Moses Ghannami" has waged an unprecedented campaign against the Army of Conquest, and described it as "a ride to the Al-Qaeda", questioning the sincerity of it intentions as at the Battle of al-Fouah, as it signed a truce with Iran, according to "Ghannami".
"Ghannami" implicitly blamed the rebels the responsibility for the destruction of cities, where he said: "Is not it enough Aleppo mass destruction? Is it not enough Gouta mass destruction? Is it not enough Homs mass destruction?, Demanding the Conquest Army at the same time to go to another city,  Damascus and liberate it, without mentioning how to access it without passing in provinces of Hama and Homs.
The ElDorar network surveyed views of the opposite side, where conducted an open dialogue with the preacher, "Ahmed al-Alwan, from Maart al-Numan City, working with Sham Corps, one of the most important factions of the Conquest Army, which emphasized that each battle is has undoubtedly advantages and disadvantages , and preferences for any option, which is related to the military commanders decision who are in the operating room; because their views differ from viewers for the command remotely.
"Alwan" declared that the Battle of Hama is strategic because there are many targets in the province, the most important one is the airport, which the People's incubator demanded to eradicate it due to there were a lot of massacres committed by aircraft launched from this airbase in northern Syria, as there are Awaits villages which are considered a regime-human reservoir , and there are many military troops, in addition to that the liberalization of Hama city save its residents kidnapping cases which force youths to join the army of Assad, as there are hundreds and maybe  thousands of its sons those are vanquished and waiting for join the ranks of the revolution.
He pointed out, "Alwan" that the liberalization of Hama province, is an indispensable step to break the siege of Homs, Damascus and therefore, the failure of the regime and Russia schemes together to prevent them of preservation of what is so-called known as in the “Useful Syria”.
"Alwan" mentioned that the Conquest Army is in Aleppo, as well as al-Ghab plain, and considered that the requirement to go to Aleppo to face the onslaught of IS Group is a right demand, but they are hoping good in the formation of the Levant Army, which emptied for this job almostly, in addition to dozens of factions that are there, While the prosecution regime in its Alawits mountains, will lead to a significant depletion and needs to a large preparation, as it can never ask the Conquest Army in all the battles in Syria to responsible for.
“Awan” refused accusations, which affected the Conquest Army, which described it to be followers of specific destinations outside Syria, and criticized those who Conquest Army sees one color, saying: "In spite of the presence of the brothers in the victory front in the formation of the army, but they are not the only ones, There are many revolutionary factions, most notably the Ahrar al-Sham,  Sham Corps, the Army of al-Sunna, and a Brigade of the Right. "

There is no doubt that the decision of Conquest Army to attack on specific and numerous targets in the province of Hama has been taken within the operations room, but there is no detail about the nature of those goals with pro-parties or opposition precise, and perhaps the coming days will bring with it those answers