Wounding Three Israeli Soldiers in Run over Process near Hebron

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 7 July, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

Three Israeli soldiers were wounded on Wednesday, in a run over process carried out by a Palestinian person near Hebron in the southern West Bank territories.
The Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Ahronot”  on its website: The Palestinian vehicle collided with an Israeli military jeep deliberately near the settlement of "Neve Daniel" in the settlements, "Gush Etzion" south of Hebron, which led to the injury of three soldiers injured was described as moderate, as well as the Palestinian driver was also injured seriously.
The Israeli army closed the street, "No. 60" toward the "Gush Etzion" in front of traffic and people.
For its part, 0404 Hebrew site confirmed that the incident "terrorist" attack, referring to it as a commando operation, pointing to the transfer of the wounded soldiers to the hospital.
The Hebrew site said it was believed at the outset that an ordinary accident, but that the evidence and the investigation showed that a deliberate attack against the military jeep, which carried soldiers.
This operation is the second one today, where an Israeli vehicle traveling in the number of settlers, near the Za'tara checkpoint, south of Nablus was imposed to shooting, without injuries were reported, according to Channel 7 Hebrew.
This comes as the Israeli occupation forces resume the siege and closure against a number of villages and towns in the Hebron governorate, for the sixth consecutive day to prevent suicide attacks..