Figures to Inform the al-Assad regime losses after its aggression against Hama on Wednesday

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 8 October, 2015
Russian aggression against Syria

ElDorar AlShamia:
Assad forces and militias of National Defence lived a rotten day as they were involved an assault  on the liberated villages and towns north and west of Hama.
The al-Assad regime had begun its campaign yesterday morning, after booting by the the Russian occupiers’ Air Force, and then the al-Assad forces tried to advance on Maan, Almassasnh and al-Mougher axes towards Mork ,Kvrenbaudh, Al-Lataminah, and Kafr Zita where the Brigades the rebel factions of the Victory Army, the Division13, the Corps of the Levant, and the Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement as well as other local battalions to address them.
ElDorar AlShamia correspondent reported that the al-Assad regime losses and his militia were the destruction of 12 tanks, four armored vehicles, in Maan, Mork, al-Mougher, and Markaph, in addition to the rebels control on two tanks from the attacker convoy near the village of al-Sayad, while the human toll of the attacking militias got high figures estimated in dozens.
It is worth mentioning that Assad militias have being preparing for several months for this battle, which recruited a few national defense militias those had no experience in fighting, and took advantage of entering the Russian Air Force in their side attempting to modify the battle scale of  loss-making since the Conquest Army expelled them out of the Idlib province.