Jaysh al-Sham to join the Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 20 June, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:
ElDorar AlShamia news network was informed from leading sources that “Jaysh al-Sham” is in its way to join the Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham.
The decision came after several meetings between the two parties together and ended with a decision to join, and they left only the official announcement by the two parties’ military commanders. The sources added
Jaysh al-Sham was founded about a year ago with the slogan :”to make the fight against tyrants and extremists" before they  adopted fighting against  the “Islamic State” IS Group and to liberalize the Syrian territory of as a priority, and Jaysh al-Islam has more than 1,500 fighters.