Did the revolutionary factions and regional states read the Russian raids message?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 1 October, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:

Russian aircraft today surprised all observers and followers of its interfering in Syria, carrying out air strikes against revolutionary factions followed to the "Free Syrian Army", targeting headquarters of the Community of Pride Movement (Tajamou’ al-Ezza), and the liberation of Homs Movement.
Observers of the Russian statements such as sending warplanes and troops to Syria, noting that it focused primarily on the IS group and the need to fight terrorism, in addition to the Russians, Chechnya and the Caucasus fighters within different factions most notably the Al-Nusra Front, which gives the impression that these factions will be on the Russian bank targets as a priority , but that it was contrary to all expectations.
It is not true that Russia came to eliminate the revolutionary factions that hurt Assad, and many observers believe that all these Russian uproar and its outspoken about protection Assad is only to find a foothold in the international solutions to the file of Syria, which it seems to be close more than ever, Russians do not want to lose their earnings on the Medetiranian.

It seems that the Russian raids today carried a message to the affecting regional and global countries on the Syrian file: "Come to negotiate, otherwise the air raids would evolve and include revolutionary factions which enjoy good relations with you."
Russian intervention is different in its conditions and nature from the Iranian’s, as the Russians have a lot of outstanding issues with the West and want to settle, and at the same time it has good relations with the three most influential countries in the Syrian file, namely Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, and Russia are not planning to spoil it, while Iranian interference characterized by sectarian and ethnic dimension aspiring to impose its identity.
There is no doubt that the Syrian scene today has become more complex because of the large number of players, but it imposes on the revolutionary factions and actors on the ground a need to create a strong alliance, which can understand the key messages, and analysis the position of each international player and deal with it individually , and stay away from the theory of "the Whole are conspiring against  us. "