New victim by "Hilal al-Assad" militias

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 29 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:

The widow of the shot-dead "Hilal al-Assad" had been assassination attempted by a militia led by her son, "Suleiman Hilal al-Assad" .
Media sources reported that "Massoud" was shot with four gunshot penetrated her body sourced by "Hala al-Assad," the sister of, "Hilal al-Assad" and her son "Karram" after previous threats of them on the background of "Massoud" statements about the killing of Colonel "Hassan Sheikh" at the hands of her son, where she disowned the actions of her son.
The sources noted that the victim was accompanied by her daughters in their home located in "Klmajo" in Qardaha city.
Hala al-Assad the auntof  "Suleiman al-Assad" who is known by his al-Tashbihia and criminal deeds against the regime loyalists; he has a large number of elements those are trafficking drug , prostitution and kidnapping.