The Full story of north Aleppo battles and how Iran militias reached Nubul?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 6 February, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:
Backed by "the Iraqi , Afghani, Lebanese and Iranian" militias ,the Assad's regime launched under the Russian air cover ,a wide military campaign dawn on Monday, 1st. February on the villages and towns of the northern countryside of Aleppo in order to link Nubul and al-Zahraa trapped camps by the rebels ,since fighting lasted for three days ended unzip partially the blockade on the two camps and Iranian infantry groups managed to enter in the camp.
Bloody battles and unequal balance of power
The first day of the military campaign, the northern countryside has seen a major attack by the Shiite militias on four axes and were able to progress on two axes and control of the towns, "Tal Jebeen and Dwyer al-Zytoun" in addition to a number of sites and advanced berms, where rebels stationed in and with the early morning hours the militias were able to set their dominated points, waiting artillery , missiles and air boot to complete the campaign.
In the meantime, rebel factions tried to launch a counterattack to regain the points lost after the battles for several hours were decisive in favor of the militia after intensive Russian intervention where carried out more than 70 raids in addition to fierce bombing of rockets and artillery stationed in Jamiat al-Zahra west of Aleppo city and Tal-Sheikh Yusuf and industrial zone in the east, and thus the warplanes shelling was able to almost cut Logistics movement for rebels completely, and killing large numbers of civilians as a result of air raids that targeted near the battle lines and areas such as Anadan, Huraytan , Ratyan , Bayanoun and Kafr Hamra.
Violent battles continued until Monday evening to go down there with air strikes continuing and advanced militias dawn Tuesday to the village of Hardtnin after warplanes boot carrying out a scorched earth policy by more than 30 air strikes and hundreds of rocket-propelled grenades which forced the rebels to retreat to the town of Marastah Khan that the only town separating the attacking militia from Nubul an al-Zahraa camps , thus the road between the Turkish border and Azaz on one hand and the city of Aleppo and rural surrounding cities of the north became semi cut off as result of heavy shelling and monitoring by the militias, which were stationed in the village of Hardtnin.
On Wednesday, pro-Assad regime militias began in the camps of Nubul and al-Zahra to mobilize their military equipment fully on the eastern outskirts and began to launch successive attacks on rebel positions in the Marastah Khan coincide with attempts by militia progress from the village of Hardtnin toward Marastah Khan, which made the rebels who are there between the palms of pliers after that the fighting lasted for more than seven hours, as the Russian jets conducted  the largest air strikes campaign  which settled the battle by the militias those were  was able to open the way for the two camps, but the rebels so far trying to close the route taken by the Iranian militias toward two camps rural Aleppo through quick ambushes.
What the loses of the militias during this military campaign?
The Military campaign initiated by the Assad regime northern countryside of Aleppo, were not easy one but these militias got a lot of loss of life and equipment, where ElDorar monitoring  team has been able to document deaths of 160 elements, mostly Iraqi and Iranian militias in addition to a number of officers and officials of Iranian high-ranking, and it was the most prominent military campaign in Aleppo and the commander of artillery and rockets, commander of the military room of Aleppo, Maj. Gen. "Mazhar Zaher” appearance" and General of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and the commander of the Iranian and Iraqi militias, "Mohsen Qajarian" and "Mustafa Sad Zadeh" one of the field commanders of the Revolutionary Guards.

The militias have suffered losses in military equipment and mechanisms, where the rebels managed to destroy 12 tanks armored vehicles and two vehicles from model "Bmp" , wagon Chilka and eight heavy guns.
This reminds us of those were  incurred last year, as the regime was trying to break the siege of the Nubul and al-Zahraa camps had lost more than 300 dead and about 70 prisoners, including members of Afghan militias during the fighting, which was concentrated in the villages of Hardtnin and Ratyan.
Humanitarian situation difficulties northern countryside of Aleppo
The humanitarian situation in the towns and villages in the Northern Aleppo countryside has become tragic .Apart from the massacres committed against the civilians of those areas witnessed huge exodus as it did not stay in the cities, "Anadan , Huraytan , Ratyan and Hayan" only some of the families that have not displacement because of its refusal so The reason for its refusal either to its adherence to their cities or they do not possess any place else to go..
ElDorar AlShamia correspondent: during his stay in the rural villages of the northern countryside monitor hundreds of families who have resorted to nearby agricultural land for fear of mad shelling in the region In the city of Anadan alone saw more than forty-five airstrike with thermobaric  rockets and cluster, in which more than thirty people, mostly children and women, were killed, Huraytan The city has suffered more than 30 air strikes,
In addition to dozens of raids on the surrounding Nubul  and al-Zahra cities.
It recalls that the control of Assad's forces and the Iraqi and Iranian militias have led to cut the road from the town towards the town of Azaz rural northern Aleppo, and therefore cut the road with Turkey In addition, cut the road between the city and countryside east of Aleppo and thus cut off supply routes fuel from the areas controlled by ISIS and stopped the main supplier fuel to the rebel areas in the north.
It should be noted that the revolutionary factions in the region believe that the battle has not yet been resolved, and that is possible to regain the initiative, which will be translated on the ground to launch sporadic attacks on the agricultural road opened by the Iranian militias towards Nubul, and was able to control the Khalidiya Village southern countryside of  Aleppo during battles Khan Tuman restore strategy.