After failing to storm it the Assad regime held a truce with the town of al-Tayba western Rif-Dimashq

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 20 September, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:
Local sources confirmed on Sunday that the town of al-Tayba western Rif-Dimashq reached a truce with the Assad regime, and after unsuccessful attempts to storm it.

The sources said that the Commission for the al-Tayba people held a truce with the al-Assad's forces yesterday after more than a year of systematic shelling and repeated attempts to storm it, leading to the displacement of most of the town people.
The sources revealed that the most important items reached between the parties are:
1. To open the road between the town and the refugee camp of Khan Dannon, and to remove roadblocks and earth mounds.
2.To move back the Assad's forces 250 meters towards Dannoun.
3. To set a point to the rebels fighters at the oven.
4. To establish a barrier at the entrance to the al-Tayba beside the plant of  " Shammout Block ".
5. To evacuate civilians' homes by the parties and the remove bunkers from the rooftops.
6. Not to expose to civilians coming to town and peasants who work on their farms by the barriers of the Assad forces.
In addition to the return of residents to their homes and their daily lives normally and to reopen schools and to reform the electricity, telephone and water networks and to let basic materials to go.
The “al-Ansar” Brigade of the Syria Rebels Front announced yesterday its rejection to the truce in the al-Tayba town, ," excusing that this regime does not have neither reign nor loyalty, and they (the Brigade) do not sell the blood of the martyrs as stuff of  al-Dounia, the brigade also expressed its worries about al-Tayba to be sold as Alderkhbayh town had been sold before.