Due to these reasons, the "Army of Islam" will pass the ordeal and still intact

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 29 December, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:
The Syrian revolution already has suffered severe jolt  as the Islamic movement of  Ahrar al-Sham lost the first row of all of its leaders, where the movement  was forced then to depend directly on the second row leaders in leadership, and that leadership in a timely manner was able to reflect the composition to safety, and has achieved a military achievements highlighted the  liberating of Wadi al-Daif”  and  “Alhamdya” Valley camp, and today In a similar scenario, but many consider it less hard to its predecessor, the "Army of Islam", which is one of the most influential faction of the Syrian arena, loses its Commander, "Zahran Aloush," to be among the top three leaders those the Syrian Revolution had lost besides, "Abdul Qadir al-Saleh," the commander of Al-Tawhid Brigade, and Hassan Abboud,the  leader of Ahrar al-Sham Islamic movement.
In addition to the general factors that are imposed on the "Army of Islam" to need for cohesion, as it is the largest revolutionary faction in the capital, Damascus, get on its shoulder great responsibilities, there are private factors within the “Army of Islam”  composition making the revolutionary circles reassuring that it is strongly qualified to pursue its path in spite of the status and role of the captain, "Zahran Alloush ", in the same faction of the Syrian revolution in general.

The “Council of Higher Leadership”
The first factor is that there is a “Council of Higher Leadership” in the Army of Islam, and considered to be a "motor nerve" In addition to an expanded boards help in the management process, and consists of the Supreme Council of the few figures on the fingers of one hand, which has been military jobs, legitimacy, security, Unlike what was rumored about the "Army of Islam" that the captain singularly decision, considered that the Council has the final say of strategic and sensitive decisions, and is authorized to withhold confidence of the general command in case he got any excesses, it is evidenced in the era in which came the Army of Islam commander of the Eastern Ghouta to complete the "Islamic Front" project where top leadership council took over management of the battles and the security files and other responsibilities for several months, and today this Council chose, "Essam Bweidana" a successor to the former army chief, who is originally from outside the Council, where has was chosen that is based on efficiency considerations, and include it in the chain of command, where he "Bweidana" was the military commander of the Army of Islam in Syria, and then served as President of the bodies in the Islam Army, where he was authorized to make decisions in the absence of the commander and his deputy, who was originally among the few figures founded the "Group of Islam" in the beginnings of the revolution, which is currently hard core of the army.

Intellectual homogeneity
The intellectual homogeneity between the leaders of the Army of Islam those are responsible for the joints of the resolution, is a power point, added to the above-mentioned factor, and the intellectual homogeneity boils down to the absence of systematic differences on key issues such as the opinion of “IS” Group , and the position of the establishment of international relations with the friendly Syrian people countries, and to enter In negotiations leading to a political solution excludes Bashar al-Assad, a good proportion of the factions that confronted "IS" suffered cracks, self-distanced by some of its leaders or its members, with the exception of the “Army of Islam”.
Military organizing
The "Army of Islam" has sought for applying the military controls and systems on its restructuring, which created the chief of staff, and divided its brigades to armored ,infantry, and the forces of the elite, and perhaps the massive military parades, outstanding military discipline, and uniforms, provided an example of the adoption of the army of the military structure, and try to get away from the idea of ​​the revolutionary volunteer work that is far from professional work.
There is no doubt that the Russian aggression tried by targeting "Zahran Aloush" process to hit a strike to blow the morale of rebels of Syria in general, and the rebels of the  Eastern Gouta in particular, with operation targeted the most prominent revolutionary leaders are on the scene, but the duty to move the Syrian revolution to the end, a sense of responsibility, It will be the primary motivation for Syria's rebels, and the Army of Islam fighters to come to the wounds and overcome the most dangerous bumps.