Who killed Samir Kantar in Damascus?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 21 December, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:
Syrian activists have differing views about who was behind the killing of the leader of “Hezboll” "Samir Kantar," who was killed in a rocket attack south of the capital Damascus at dawn today.
Assad's regime activists have been accused of being behind the killing of "Kantar" Syrian Media "FQ" said in this regard across multiple Tweets on Twitter: "The majority of the shells that were falling on Jaramana in Damascus get the source of intelligence branches, and the shell that killed Samir Kantar today is from the same source" .
It added in another tweet: "If Israel were really afraid of the so-called “resistance alliance”  it would have bombed at the head of the alleged “resistance” in Damascus wwhen it is in its weakest phase , rather than Israel protect them."
Qasim said: "If I killed US President John F. Kennedy when I was two years, Israel would kill Samir Kantar who killed this poor man those who use him in trade purposes."
"Abu Muhammad al-Fateh" a leader of the Islamic Union also stressed the same meaning when he said on Twitter: "Samir Kantar had been traded and laughed at this gullible man and then used him in killing the Syrian people and then killed him to revive the myth of defiance and resistance."
On his part, said, "Jawad al-Nasr" in the tweet via Twitter: "Who killed Samir Kantar is the same as the Syrian intelligence branch that killed Imad Mughniyeh, and Israel gets a “fashionable body” bear all the charges against them."
He added: "Samir Kantar is smaller than to be targeted by Israel air strike costing tens of thousands of dollars."
And going along with them in this opinion the activist "Abdullah al-Maydani" said: "The assassination of Imad Mughniyeh, between the branches of the Syrian intelligence in the Damascus neighborhood of “al-Maliki”, so why it does not have a hand in the assassination of “Kantar"
However, lawyer “Tariq Shandab” believes that the rebels assassinated Samir Kantar because he was standing next to the Assad regime and caused the deaths of many Syrian civilians.
He said through his account on Twitter: "Syrian Revolution says terrorist militias and criminal Assad regime: Is it more. (Rebels kill Samir Kantar)."
"Ibrahim Hamami" quoted saying: "the offender “Kantar” died in Syria at the hands of the rebels, and a play was illustrated as they pretended that “Kantar killed an Israeli missile” just to polish the image of the “Hezbollah in front of the Arabs."
For his part, another activist, said: "Paper of Kantar ended a long time ago and this is the time to weep and accuse Zionism but that will not work because t”Hezbollah” became under« shoes »".
The Lebanese Hezbollah announced the death of one of its leaders Samir Kantar during an Israeli raid early Sunday targeted a building in the town of Jaramana Rural Damascus, was also killed in the raid, a number of Shiite leaders.
It is worth mentioning that Samir Kantar, a Druze had joined Hezbollah after Israel released him as part of a deal to exchange prisoners in 2008, married a Lebanese Shiite woman of a  family belongs to Hezbollah
Reports indicate that Kantar took part in the fighting in Syria next to the Assad regime sent hundreds of Hezbollah members to fight alongside the regime's army.
Kantar was targeted a year ago and a half year during the Israeli raid of rural Quneitra, but killed his assistant “Jihad Imad Mughniyeh”, along with one of “Hezbollah” leaders the so-called Mohammed Issa.