A Several-terms Memorandum Delevered by the military revolutionary forces Delegation to Astana

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 3 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The delegation of the military revolution forces to provided the broker parties sponsoring the Astana talks a memorandum of several items, in which it confirmed the commitment to the Ankara agreement signed at the end of 2016, which includes a cease-fire in Syria under Turkish-Russian auspices, in addition to the demand for clear executive procedures.

The delegation called for a strict halt to violations committed by the Syrian regime of the agreement, noting that these breaches have not been paused since the signing of the agreement, carrying out war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity using all types of internationally prohibited weapons. The regime also targeted civilians, destroyed hospitals, health centers and civil defense centers deliberately. Children, women and the elderly were suffocated by using chemical weapons, aimming of military solution, disrupting the political solution in each of Astana and Geneva, and forcing the revolution’s supporters to leave their areas forcibly and with the support of Russia.

The memorandum stressed the need to take executive steps based on the Russian commitments announced at the Astana 2 conference and international human rights law. These steps oblige the Syrian regime and its allies to immediately implement the cease-fire agreement and stop their land and air attacks and withdraw from the lands overrun since 30 December 2016, including the Barada Valley, Al-Wa'er, Mu'amdiyya and Zabadani, and enable its displaced people to return back  .

The operational steps demanded by the delegation included the launching of a timetable for the release of all detainees, the immediate release the prisoners of children, women and the elderly, unconditional humanitarian assistance, the lifting of the siege on all besieged areas, and to establish mechanisms for monitoring and accountability for the cease-fire, and to stress that the solution in Syria comes from the achievement of the political transition and the territorial integrity of Syria, and rejection of the projects of actual and legal division, and that the elimination and fight against terrorism requires combating its causes represented in Assad's regime still being in power.

The Kazakh Foreign Ministry announced today that the Astana conference will discuss Russia's proposal to find areas of the Russian safe zone proposal in the regions of Idlib ,Eastern Ghouta , north of Homs and south of Damascus


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