Saraya Abu Amara Attacks Regime Stronghold in Hama ... Its Commander Explains to al-Dorar Details of the New Operation

Alexander Falconer | 30 May, 2018

The military faction Saraya Abu Amara announced on Tuesday 29 May the launching of a new special operation against Syrian regime forces and allied Iranian militias in the Mahrada area in Hama Governorate. 

The commander of the faction, Muhanna Jafala (known as Abu Bakri), said in an exclusive interview with al-Dorar al-Shamiya network that "the operation was carried out with IEDs being placed in a munitions warehouse near housing by the thermal power station in the Mahrada area".

Abu Bakri added: "The IEDs were detonated at roughly 9:00 pm on Monday night". He affirmed that "dozens of militiamen allied to the Syrian Army were killed in the operation".

The commander explained that "the matter of choosing locations and timings for operations will be subject to the ability of Saraya Abu Amara to operate in those regions and the opportunities for reaching them".

The missions of Saraya Abu Amara involve special operations inside territory controlled by the Syrian Army and allied Iranian militias, particularly in Aleppo Governorate. The faction claims to have inflicted substantial losses among the ranks of forces allied to the Syrian government.

The faction previously announced its independence from the Abu Amara Brigades after the latter merged with Tahrir al-Sham. The new group appointed the Brigades' previous commander, Abu Bakri, as leader of the formation.

Translated By: Alexander Falconer