The Rebels Address the military campaign against Zabadani on 76th.Day

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 16 September, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:
Rebels Fighters repel , on Wednesday at dawn, a new attempt of Assad forces and militia of "Hezbollah" to advance in several axes to break into the city of Zabadani in Rif-Dimashq Province.

Field sources reported that fierce fighting broke out at the early morning hours, after an attempt to "Hezbollah" militia backed by the Assad troops to  progress on –alMidani-al-A’dimah axis in the city of Zabadani, accompanied by fire support and violent bombing from al-Atassi and al-Aya sites, under the alert of all barriers surrounding the plain.
The sources confirmed that the battalions stationed in Zabadani managed to thwart the attack, killing and injuring many of the "Hezbollah" militia and the forces of Assad, forcing them to withdraw to their positions.
It is reported that Assad's forces backed  the "Hezbollah" militia waging a military campaign on the city of Zabadani for about 76 days, they bombed the city during which thousands of artillery shells and rockets, as well as barrel bombs, killing and wounding hundreds of civilians.
The rebel battalions in the fight against Assad's forces and Hezbollah militia depend on the hit-and-run style, and hit the "Hezbollah" militia and the regime’s  barriers, which were able to penetrate in parts of the city, which led to the occurrence of large numbers of deaths in their ranks, most recently the killing of 18 fighters from "Hezbollah" militia, and 11 fighters of Assad's forces, on Friday.