Jaish al-Ezza Commander : the "De-escalation Zones" is just a maneuver to divide #Syria

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 17 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Major General Jamil al-Saleh, commander of Jaish al-Ezza said that the agreement of" de-escalation zones " is no more than a maneuver plotted by the Russians aimed at dividing Syria, stressing the total rejection of such a deal and continuing fighting against the Assad forces and the allied militias.

"We totally reject the idea of ​​dividing Syria after more than 500,000 martyrs, hundreds of thousands of detainees, absentees, thousands of bereaved and widows," Jamil al-Saleh told Gulf News Online.

Saleh added: "After these sacrifices we will not accept the division of Syria under any circumstances, continue to pay every dear thing rather in order to preserve the unity of Syria, and prevent the projects of division or separation promoted in the international community."

He pointed out that "the agreement to reduce tension or reduce the escalation and the outcome of the Astana conference, has not drawn Jaish al-Ezza’s attention ; because we did not sign on the agreement, it is a Russian maneuver on Security Council resolutions and escape from the international community, which was dismayed by the massacres of Russian aviation, and massacres of chemical weapons  committed against the Syrian people, especially in the city of Khan Sheikoun and areas of the Hama countryside. "

He said that it is: "an attempt to waste time and pay the international community to forget these crimes and the restructuring of the Assad rgime, we are against these subdivisions, which are exploited by the regime each time conspiring with the Russian occupier to cut part of the besieged areas of Damascus.

A long-term and ongoing battle against Assad's regime

Al-Saleh said: "It is a so long battle against the Assad regime and its militias, so that Jaish al-Ezza has been establishing training camps, 60 days , six-month specialist, and a one-year training camps." This is because we trust that the regime will try to survive in any way in cooperation with the occupation countries of Russia, and other countries based on sectarian bases such as Iran, mercenaries like Hezbollah and Iraqi and Afghan militias. "

On the importance of the ongoing battles south of Idlib and the northern suburb of Hama, al-Saleh stressed that "Jaish al-Ezza and other factions are still confronting foreign militias and Russian aircraft, as the regime of Bashar al-Assad has brought in very large reinforcements of Iraqi and Afghan militias and militants of Hezbollah,supported by the Russian airforce, and a large artillery force consisting of dozens of rocket launchers. The aim is to control the important area of ​​rural Hama and the southern countryside of Idlib in central Syria, where controlling over this area is a threat to the last stronghold of the Free Syrian Army in northern Syria.

"All the attempts to control and progress fail, despite the use of toxic gases, high-explosive missiles and weapons that have not been used before, more than once, targeting the fighters of the Free Syrian Army," he added.

Al-Saleh said: "The fighters’ determination and patience of the Syrian people, who sacrificed blood make us trust in the credibility of the cause of the Syrian people and the purity of innocent blood, which prevents the Assad forces and foreign militias, despite all Russian support to achieve its goal."

Assad's regime and its allies support IS organization

As for fighting IS organization, al-Saleh said: "it is a terrorist organization built and supported by the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Fighting against IS group  is a duty all of Syrians must combat them”.

He added: "The organization has become a pep talk, and it is known that this organization supported by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, who handed over oil fields and buys oil from it in foreign currency (US-dollar)."

"Unfortunately, we want to make it clear that the Russian, air and land forces, since coming to Syria, came under the pretext of fighting IS organization, but the truth is fighting and bombing the headquarters of the Free Syrian Army. We want the world to know that Russia and the regime are fighting the people of Syria as well as the Free Syrian Army and supporting the terrorist IS organization. "

Continued Frced Displacement

The commander of Jaish al-Ezza described the demographic change as "a disgrace to the United Nations and the human rights councils. These agreements are carried out after the siege and starvation of the rebellious regions, in full view of the United Nations and the civilized world.

He added: "The policy of starvation before inact world which does not act to control this crime, and the inability of the international community to protect children, women and patients, the inability to secure the most basic life potential of water, food and medicine for areas under siege for five years or to halt the Assad and Russia’s airforces bombardment using all types of rockets and barrels , bombs and all the missiles, shows the size of hatred and destruction and terrorism sponsored by Iran and Russia as well. "

"Our decisions based on the goals of our revolution, the demands of our people and the concerns of our orphaned children. Support will not be a hindrance in achieving the goals of the Syrian revolution that brought its sons to achieve their goals, We will not allow the supporter to prevent us from obtaining our rights,the one who sees the credibility of our objectives, it must support otherwise it would leave us to keep fighting alone. "

Each of political and military forces of the Syrian opposition have rejected the agreement of "De-escalation Zones" signed by the guarantor states (Turkey, Russia and Iran) as an attempt to divide Syria, rejecting any solution that does not lead to the departure of Assad from power.


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