#Iran to resume sending tankers to #Syria

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 18 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Iran resumed the process of sending tankers loaded with oil to the Syrian coast after a halt of several months, Syrian media sources revealed.

The pro regime newspaper of “Al-Watan” reported that a source in the Syrian oil sector confirmed the return of the Iranian oil credit line to work and that a tanker loaded with crude oil approached the oil pipeline in Banias.

The newspaper added that the first tanker loaded with nearly one million barrels of crude oil will arrive in the coming days, and then will be followed by other ones, in times are agreed on later.

Iran has suspended the shipment of crude oil to the Syrian regime for nearly five months because of the failure to pay the price of tankers sent by Tehran, where the latter lays conditions on the Syrian regime to pay directly and at as same price as the world is.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian regime had gifted many agricultural lands to Iran and granted them the possibility of activating their own projects within the Syrian territories, including the operation of their own cellular network in addition to the establishment of an oil port as well as the granting of five thousand hectares of agricultural land and a phosphate mine.





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