Geneva takes a step back

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 20 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The sixth round of negotiations ended in Geneva on Friday without any new access, without discussing the four baskets agreed upon in the previous round of "governance, the constitution, elections and terrorism."

De Mistura handed over to the Syrian parties participating in the Geneva 6 negotiations a document that sought to establish a consultative mechanism on constitutional and legal issues and called on the parties to participate constructively in their work.

At a press conference at the end of the meetings yesterday, the UN envoy said: The Geneva 6 round did not allow me to engage with the Syrian parties in dealing with these four baskets.

The UN envoy pointed out that the date of the new round of negotiations will be clear in mid-June, after consultation with the concerned parties.

"Today we concluded a sixth round of Syrian talks, and this tour was short, as we needed to make a focused round to deepen the discussions .. During the previous round we discussed in a balanced manner all four baskets on the agenda” he added.

The negotiations go to technical and constitutional details

The UN envoy has proposed a consultative mechanism on legal and constitutional issues saying “The mechanism is based on the Geneva Declaration 1 (30 June 2012) and the relevant United Nations resolutions, which defined the requirements for a negotiated political transition to resolve the conflict".

The delegation of the revolutionary forces and the Syrian opposition in Geneva asked: "What is the basis of the mechanism on the part of the international envoy in terms of his mandate, his role as special envoy, and how can the relationship between a consultative mechanism and the Geneva Declaration be linked?

De Mistura pointed out that he wanted to motivate the delegations involved in the negotiations by informing them about an internal document (forming a consultative mechanism), which was not meant to be negotiated, but rather to identify their vision rather than waste time discussing it. They wanted it and decided to do it. "

Hariri: We discussed the political transition and transitional governing body

The head of the delegation of the Syrian opposition to Geneva, Nasr Hariri, said at the end of the negotiations yesterday: "We ended a short four-day negotiation round, the main focus was on the political transition. Since yesterday, there were discussions about a transitional governing body, Concerning the completion of constitutional, legal and procedural issues relating to political transition ".

"The delegation of the regime has no seriousness to reach a political solution, and it remains until now a hindrance to progress in this regard (to achieve the political transition)," Hariri said, hoping that "there will be serious mechanisms in place.

Hariri said: "Our discussion was reasonably detailed on the authority of the interim government. The regime did not accept discussing anything and will not enter into any political process because it does not think about the mothers and children of Syria. It is thinking of one issue: to annihilate all the Syrian provinces and components, no matter for it if all the countries of the world come to Syria and interfere to remain in power. "

Jaafari: We have only discussed one issue

Bashar al-Jaafari, head of the delegation of the Syrian regime in the negotiations: The technical meeting yesterday with the United Nations team, is the only achievement in the current round of negotiations.

He confirmed that they did not discuss any of the four baskets, at a press conference concluded by Jaafari, at the headquarters of the United Nations.

"The official meetings with the Special Envoy have ended in this round, and the latter will follow up on the process. In this round, we discussed one issue which is the only result we came out on this tour- the meeting of experts. "

"Expert meetings are purely technical, and they are intended to find common ground between the points of relevance to the constitutional process contained in the basic principles paper with the political talks, which are part of the whole."

The matter of amending the Syrian constitution is a Russian demand that the delegation of the revolutionary forces and the Syrian opposition consider as an attempt to circumvent the political transition and the demands of the Syrian people to remove Assad and his regime.





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