The Fact of "Ra’ad Al-Mahdi Regiment" said to enter the city of Manbij?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 5 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Syrian activists and local media outlets, as well as pro-regime media, have been reporting on the formation of new Syrian regime&Iranian-backed militias, known as the Ra'ad al-Mahdi Regiment, with a number of in which its  fighmilitants deployed in the city of Manbij east of Aleppo, controlled by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

To clarify more details, ElDorar network surveils many civilians and activists reports from the city of Manbij to find out the details of what was said about this very matter and the accuracy of this information, which led many of the displaced people of Manbij live in the northern Aleppo countryside to fear of return to their city.

The militia of Ra’ad al-Mahdi neither enters Manbij nor a new formation!

Testimonies counted by ElDorar network of civilians and activists confirmed that no group or a militant of the "Ra’ad al-Mahdi" militia is inside the city of Manbij, adding that the pictures that were being circulated showing militiamen in the city were incorrect, most of these photos were taken in Aleppo and the eastern Aleppo countryside "Maskanah - Deir Hafer and other towns".

A source close to ElDorar network denied the entry of these militias to Manbij, or to be facilitated by the the city’s military council, which affiliates the SDF militias , adding that it is currently stationed in several towns in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, and the Assad forces participate in battles against IS group erupted in Deir Hafer last month.

The militia of Ra’ad al-Mahdi as a military formation is not new. It has been formed for two years, the source pointed out, noting that it was called "tribal forces." It has undergone some amendments recently, as Iran works to fthese und and arm these militias.

It is noteworthy that the militias "Regiment of Manbij clans  or recently Ra’ad al-Mahdi" had issued a statement a few days ago, stating that it will be under the leadership of "Muammar Abu Fatih," and that its militants mostly from Aleppo and its countryside will be trained by "officers and generals of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, as confirmed by well-informed sources.



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