Emergence of New Military Organisation North of Aleppo Not Affiliated with Free Syria Army

Anastasia Pr | 12 June, 2018

A group of military battalions in the northern Aleppo countryside have formed a new faction known as the ‘Sultan Abdul Hamid II Brigade’. The faction is not affiliated with the Free Syria Army.

The new faction announced a statement relating to their formation on Tuesday, which also stated that the group would focus their work on three areas – the Aleppo countryside, Ras al-Ayn and Turkmen Mountain in the countryside of Lattakia.

According to the statement which was posted on social networking site alongside photographs [of the group], the new military faction has selected Omar Hilal as the general commander of the group. The basic objectives of the faction were not specified within the statement.

As reported by media sources, “The commander of the division has come from the city of Tell Rifaat, amid talk of receiving the city after a Russian-Turkish agreement was reached relating to it.”

It is worth noting that the military also announced the formation of a new military body yesterday, known as the ‘Battalions [of] Glory’, which aim to restore control over regime-held areas in Aleppo.

All military factions in the northern Aleppo countryside form part of the Free Syria Army, which consists of three corps and receives both military and financial support from Turkey. However, this new group is not affiliated with them. 


Translated By: Anastasia Pr