Captain "Islam Alloush" disclose for "ElDorar" mysteries about the "Allah Ghalib" battle

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 15 September, 2015
Army of Islam fighters in the battle of Allah Ghalib – ElDorar Lens

ElDorar AlShamia Network Correspondent

The_Army of Islam launched, Friday night in September- eleventh, the battle of " Allah Ghalib",in  which its fighters were able to control over strategic and important areas in the Eastern Ghouta , the "Tal-Kurdi " adjacent to the central prison of Adra, and the mountain overlooking the city of Douma which was controlled  by Assad's forces that has sensitive location locating artillery units for bombing cities and towns of al- Ghouta, in addition to the military security branch in Harasta.
In an exclusive interview conducted by the ElDorar Network reporter with Captain "Islam Alloush" the official spokesman for the Army of Islam, he explained that this battle were not born of the moment, it has been a period of planning and preparation took nearly "11 months", where the Army chose the right moment to attack, taking advantage of the wave of sandy wind in Syria which has deprived the aircraft of the Assad regime from flying for several days. "
And the achievements of this battle until the moment Alloush said: Of course, the impact of this battle tremendously on the regime on several fronts, as the number of dead and wounded and prisoners of the regime elements is very large, adding to this the regime lost such strategic geographical areas and barracks and military equipment, as the regime has lost the war agvantage in several fronts such as Zabadani , Darya, Sayeda Zeinab and Daraa to those being forced to bring reinforcements from those areas to the Harasta front. "
The ElDorar’s reported that the battle was characterized by a special tactic, where the Army of Islam attacked from the center of the women's prison, where the Assad regime was forced to bring in reinforcements, to be able to seize full control over the mountain.
The battles are currently concentrated in the vicinity of "suburb al-Assad" amid a state of confusion in the ranks of the Assad regime.