Brigades of Rebels regain military points in Zabadani and fall a reconnaissance aircraft

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 16 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:
Brigades of rebels managed on Wednesday to achieve victories on Assad's forces and Hezbollah militia stationed in the vicinity of the western city of Zabadani in al-Qalamoun.

Field sources said the rebels launched a counter-attack using heavy and medium weapons on the of Hezbollah and the Assad forces points on the AlEdeimh axis in Zabadani, and were able to regain control of three buildings were seized during the ongoing battles in the city.
The sources reported that the attack killed eight members of Hezbollah at least and wounding others and drop a drone plane belonging to Hezbollah, in addition to seize light and medium weapons.
For their part, helicopters dropped more than 16 barrel bombs on the city of Zabadani, in conjunction with the deaths of dozens by rockets and artillery shells.
In another development, Assad's forces stationed in the Florida Restaurant barrier located on the main road in Zabadani pulled out fully, and before that they bombed of its building, and also pulled out al-A’rquob checkpoint on the outskirts of the town of Madaya which is known as the barrier of mortar, in the framework of the redeployment of their forces in the region after the attack by the Army of Islam in the Eastern Ghouta several days ago.