Assassinations Target National Reconciliation Members in Daraa

Anastasia Pr | 14 June, 2018

Unidentified gunmen on Thursday reportedly assassinated two members of the so-called ‘national reconciliation committee’ affiliated with the Assad regime in Daraa province.

According to local sources, the gunmen shot Musa Al Qanbis (in Al-Harra) and Hamad Riad Shahadat (in Da’el), both members of the national reconciliation committee. Shahadat was reportedly shot in the head.

The shootings are not the first of their kind: three other members of the committee were killed earlier this month in the eastern countryside of Daraa province, including Tawfiq Al Ghunaim (Abu Muta’i), Mohammed Al Ghunaim (Abu Arshid) and Muwafaq Al Barjas. Another member from the village of Tell Shihab, known as Zacaria Al Omayyan, was killed on June 6 three days after being abducted from his home. His body was found on the military road between Tell Shihab and Nasib.

Media reports indicate that there have been approximately 21 assassinations carried out on members of the national reconciliation committee in Daraa governorate between December last year and the beginning of June of this year.

A number of groups and military councils in Daraa have previously announced their refusal to agree to any terms offered by the Assad regime and their intention to continuously threaten the reconciliation committee. 


Translated By: Anastasia Pr