Assad regime Drops 938 barrel bombs during April

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 11 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Syrian Human Rights Network (SNHR) documented in its report that the Assad forces dropped 938 barrel bombs over civilians in the liberated areas during the pervious month of April, mostly concentrated in the villages of Hama.

The network denied the announcement by the former Russian envoy to the United Nations “Vitaly Churkin”, that the Assad forces stopped using such kind of weapons (barrel bombs).

In its statement, SNHR demanded that the Assad regime be forced to stop using the barrel weapon as a indiscriminate weapon with a huge destructive effect, stressing that its dropping from aircraft in this primitive barbaric manner amounts to a war crime.

The report states that 99% of the victims of the barrels are civilians; 12% of them are women and children, and sometimes 35%.

Helicopters fired 938 barrel bombs at civilians in the liberated areas last April; 479 were in Hama and 346 were in Daraa, where the two provinces witnessed heavy fighting last month.

In the countryside of Aleppo, 38 barrel bombs were thrown, while 24 were dumped on Idlib, 25 on Damascus countryside, 22 on the northern countryside of Homs, and 4 on Quneitra.

This weapon left 16 civilians, including 7 children, and 4 women, all of them in Daraa governorate.

The first significant use of these barrels against the Syrian revolution and against the civilians in the town of Salqin ,a village of Idlib on Monday, 1 October 2012, despite the issuance of the Security Council resolution condemning the use of this type of indiscriminate weapons in 2014, the Assad forces continued to use by today.



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