Russian intensifies airraids near the Syrian-Turkish border

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 26 November, 2015
 Russian aggression against Syria
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ElDorar AlShamia:
Russian occupation stepped air raids on Thursday on the Syrian-Turkey border towns and several areas in the countryside of Aleppo, which led to casualties among civilians.
ElDorar correspondent reported that the Russian occupiers’ warplanes launched four air strikes with guided missiles, on the town of Sarmada in Idlib rural on the Syrian-Turkish border, one of which targeted a relief convoy, killing at least one person.
At the same time the Russian aviation targeted the village of Deir Hassan near the Turkish border, note that there are several camps inhabited by refugees near the village, in conjunction with the heavy flight in the atmosphere of the border Otmeh camp.
Meanwhile the Russian aviation bombed for the second day the city of Azaz near the Turkish border north of Aleppo, also attacked the road to Bab al-Salama crossing with missiles, and there were no information on the size of the losses.
This comes as Russian warplanes launched intensive air raids on the Aleppo countryside where targeted Al-Khfseh  village in the eastern countryside with rockets, killing seven civilians and wounding many of them, also signed major damage in the water purification plant in the village, as the Russian aviation also raided the water pumping station "AlBabira" near the city of Maskanah.
In the same context, Russian fighter jets carried out more than 10 raids since the morning on villages Zitan, Zorba, Khan Tuman, through Aleppo-Damascus International speedway in the southern countryside of Aleppo.
In the western countryside dozens of civilians were killed and wounded by the Russian aircraft they targeted a market in the town of Orm al-Kubra in addition to Aouijl market  and town Kfernaha.