The Turkish pilot scores several targets in one rocket of Russian plane

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 26 November, 2015
The Turkish Pilot

ElDorar AlShamia:

The rocket launched by the Turkish fighter is not only on the Russian Sukhoi plane near the Syrian-Turkish border , but also the pressure was on the trigger as an important political and military messages.
Russian intervention has come, in support of the Assad regime, and also a political support to the separatist Kurdish people protection units militia, at a time when Turkey lived a political crisis generated by the inability of the Justice and Development "party of the anti-Assad regime" of obtaining the absolute majority that enables it to form a government, where the country was pay attention to the upcoming elections, and this is what explains Turks patience towards the previous violations of the Russian air force, and its unprecedented arrogance.
Turkey after the formation of the government and the Antalya Conference
Justice and Development party as the electoral battle ended, and resolved in its favor by a large majority, and the reconciliation was completed with the Turkish interior attempted to improve the level of economic life of the individual, especially with the disappointment big hope suffered by rivals, especially the Nationalist Movement Party, the Democratic Peoples' a Kurdish majority, as Turkey was resolved battle the emergence of a strong economic summit in twenty countries in Antalya, Turkey, had to be the announcement of the external political strong presence, it represents the beginning of the support of the Syrian opposition factions in the air expelled “IS” militants from border villages north of Aleppo, to higher stages of dropping Russian plane process.
Warplane down as an allies’ message
Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and France reinforced of similarities, especially at the level of the Syrian file, then countries do not consider the very beginning of the process of the Russian intervention with satisfaction, where you see the confirmation of Assad's rule, and thus the continuation of Iranian influence, both in Syria and Lebanon alike.
Turkey is the spearhead geographically in any action against Russian influence, as Saudi Arabia is the head of the economic and political spearhead, and as Arabia politically stood in the face of Russia and the survival of Assad later the conference of Vienna, was the message through Turkey that Russia's policy is not satisfactory for.
Because Turkey does not want to act outside international legitimacy, it was eager to deploy recording the warnings of its air force of the Russian plane, and published an outline of the radar shows about the violation of the plane to an Turkish airspace, as NATO was briefed on the incident as a message clear to Russia that it is in front of the entire international alliance.
In light of the substantial economic need for mutual relationships between Russia and Turkey, especially as Russia suffers from a Western suffocating siege, and in the big exchanges, is unlikely to lead Russian yelling launched by Putin, and the threats made by his foreign minister to any acts, with the exception of a Russian escalation on the rebel positions, and the liberated areas, and perhaps some abetting the PKK for the implementation of unrest inside Turkish territory, the Russian involvement in a manner which does not appear.