Northern Syrian rebels Give Iran hard lesson

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 25 November, 2015
“Jaish al-Fateh” fighters inside Bakara hill – ElDorar Lens

ElDorar AlShamia:

Just three hours-time was  enough to the Syrian rebels of the north to underscore, imitators of the “Jaish al-Fateh” “Jaish al-Naser” and “Fateh Aleppo" more than eight points south countryside of Aleppo, had been charged with the Iranian , Iraqi and Lebanese militias earlier in dozens of dead , woundeds and mechanisms to control them.
The correspondent of ElDorar has reported that the rebels began an intensive and unprecedented fire paving process- on several hills in the vicinity of al-Hader town and the strategic al-Eis, to be close to the progress , control the Tal Albinjerh, , al-Bakara, the farms of Azwairh, Hajj Abdullah, farms of Bans, Khirbet al-Kousa, Tal Bagger, the village Bernhand its hill, while the Ahl al-Hak militias merely, of Iraqi nujaba, Ansar Allah, and militia Hezbollah to flee from one area to another, leaving behind dozens of bodies and mechanisms, although air cover provided by the airline Russian aggression.
Private sources for the network, ElDorar reported the high number of dead and injured of those militias and coming to hospitals neighborhoods of the occupied city of Aleppo to more than 80, including Iranian officers supervise, are assigned the task of the leadership of sectarian militias mixture which entered the charged region slogans emotional, purposeful to break the siege of al-Fouah barracks, and it seems that most of its elements is the boss, and unfamiliar with the area attractions, which explains the occurrence of many of them families.
On the other hand, media Iranian political analyst, "Amir al-Moussawi," What throughput of the means of communication and social loyal to Shiite militias in Syria, about the commander of the Qods Force, "Qassem Soleimani"; where the deployment of "al-Moussawi," a post on his page on "Facebook" in which he said: "Yes Mujahid brother team Qassem Soleimani suffered the injury in the battlefields, and is now fine and recovering constantly ", which was confirmed by the media of Iraq, and Spy former Iranian Revolutionary Guards," the success of Muhammad Ali, "pointing out that the transfer news injury," Soleimani "at his request, which means The emergence of "Soleimani" in the southern countryside of Aleppo, and captured images victor in the mosques did not pass unnoticed.