Booby-trapped Cars hit Assad militia and PYD centers in Hasakah

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 14 September, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:
Violent explosions shook the city of Hasaka on Monday by the explosion of two booby-trapped Cars in positions belonging to both al- Assad regime and the PYD militia, which resulted in deaths and injuries.

Local sources reported that a car bomb believed to belong to IS group targeted the Khashman barrier north of the Hasaka city , which led to casualties among militia Kurdish protection units.
In the meantime, the sound of a violent explosion was heard in the city of Hasaka turned out to be another car bomb targeted the headquarters of the militia of National Defense in Edouard Oiwas School at the station district of the city, amid reports that the killing and wounding many of the elements.
For its part, the Assad regime's media reported that more than 20 people the death toll as a result to the explosion of two car bombs in the city of Hasaka, did not give any information about the bomber or dead sites.
In a related development the Assad regime aviation targeted Shaddadi city in rural Hasaka, while the regime artillery shelled  areas in the vicinity of the village of Mjebrah eastern Hasaka countryside, there was no information about casualties.