The al-Assad Suburb of "al-Ghouta" in the range of the Army of Islam fire

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 14 September, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:
Confrontations between the rebels and Assad's forces escalated in the vicinity of the Eastern suburb of Harasta in al-Ghouta ,Rif-Dimashq, within the battle "God Ghalib", amid strikes and heavy bombardment from warplanes.

Field sources reported that the Army of Islam and other factions fighters are fighting fierce battles using medium and heavy weapons against the Assad forces on the international highway side overlooking the suburb of al-Assad in Harasta since the early morning hours, in conjunction with heavy shelling affects that region, carrying out several air strikes targeting the vicinity of the international Highway of Douma City with guided missiles, which led to the fall of many  wounded, most of them women and children.
In the meantime, the Army of Islam fighters fired dozens of rocket-propelled grenades at the regime forces centers in the al-Assad suburb, while the cutting the international Damascus - Homs road continued on Harasta city side for the fourth consecutive day.
The Army of Islam announced yesterday the liberation of 25 points and military barracks during the Battle of "God Ghalib", most notably the Tal-Kurdi area , sites surrounding the women's prison in Adra, , the mountain overlooking the Eastern Ghouta which was setting for most of the massacres, and the branch of the military security of the Rif-Dimashq province on the outskirts of the suburb of al-Assad in Harasta, In addition to the closure of Damascus - Homs Highway.